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Did you know these 16 surprising facts about clean energy?

I'm a long-time Harper's Magazine reader. My two favorite features are the insanely hard cryptic crossword, and the Harper's Index. So for your data-digesting pleasure, check out this mini Harper's Index of some of WattTime's favorite facts about building a smart, clean grid! (more…)

WattTime featured at the UC Carbon Neutrality Summit

WattTime yesterday joined the University of California Carbon Neutrality Summit [link] as one of two featured startups for the Entrepreneurs forum . At the conference, Governor Jerry Brown and UC President Janet Napolitano both spoke about the urgent need for more innovative climate change solutions. Many speakers focused on Napolitano’s vow to turn the ten UC campuses into “living laboratories” to generate solutions that can be adopted on state, national and global levels. “Climate change impacts issues as varied as disease management, food security, the preservation of water resources, the stability of fragile governments, and ...

The End of Fast Forward’s Summer Accelerator

For the past 2 weeks, WattTime has been gearing up for two exciting Demo Days. In this blog post, we highlight our team’s experiences presenting at both BlackRock and Google.org, sponsors of Fast Forward’s 2015 summer accelerator. BlackRock is the world’s largest investment firm, with $225 billion in mandates that explicitly address social, ethical or environmental considerations (link). BlackRock is also known for their philanthropy, supporting 20,000 young people all over the world for higher education and 1,942 nonprofit organizations through their programs (link). We put a lot of preparation into this presentation, and are very ...