WattTime’s Mission is to give everyone the freedom to choose the power they use.

We are the first organization to answer the question: “How clean is electricity if I use it right now?” This simple but powerful information means that with WattTime’s software, any device connected to the internet can now automatically choose power at times when electricity is the cleanest, and avoid the times when it is dirtiest, in real-time. That’s Automated Emissions Reduction powered by WattTime. With a simple software update, smart device owners can instantly and automatically reduce their carbon footprint and other pollution, helping clean and renewable power plants compete on the grid.

We envision a world where this capability is built into every smart device, so people, companies, and governments worldwide can reduce carbon emissions and help renewable energy spread… automatically. Often, cleaner times are only minutes from dirtier times, which means that over half of all electronic devices can begin choosing cleaner power with virtually no impact on users. Forward-looking people and companies use WattTime to exercise their freedom to choose the energy they use. We hope you’ll join us.


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