We are a movement of over 200 activists, volunteers, and professionals that believe in giving the public the freedom to choose their electricity. Below you will find the many staff, advisors, and expert volunteers who made invaluable contributions to the WattTime cause.

Gavin McCormick

Co-founder and Executive Director
Academic and social entrepreneur, Gavin McCormick applies behavioral economics to energy markets to develop ultra-low-cost techniques to deliver more renewable power and energy efficiency at scale.
WattTime Business Development and Operations

Chiel Borenstein

Operations and Partnerships
Chiel serves as an Operations and Partnerships Associate at WattTime.org. He recently graduated from UC Berkeley with a degree in Environmental Economics and Policy.

Eric Braswell

Products and Engineering
Eric heads product development and engineering at WattTime and brings a passion for energy efficiency, sustainable economies, and environmental stewardship.
Nate Davis

Nate Davis

Nate is the chief financial officer and partnership lead for WattTime. Investment banker and environmentalist, Nate is bringing about sustainable and scalable environmental improvement through market-based incentives.
Adam Donnison

Adam Donnison

Software Development and DevOps
Adam leads software development and DevOps. He has been a Permaculture teacher and practitioner, designed and built small-scale PV systems, wind turbines and bio-fuel plants. He has a passion for technology that works with rather than against the environment.

Matt Evans

Managing Director
Matt serves as Managing Director and leads Policy, Marketing, and Operations at WattTime.

Emmanuel Ezeagwula

Program Manager
Emmanuel is a Program Manager at WattTime, where he supports platform integration of Automated Emissions Reduction (AER) to drive carbon reductions.

Xinyue Li

Grid Analysis
Xinyue Li is a Grid Analyst at WattTime. She is a doctoral candidate in Environmental Science and Engineering at UCLA with an interdisciplinary background in sustainability and automation.

Josh Papernik

Business Development
Josh joined WattTime in May 2017 as a business development and policy analyst intern.

Borna Poursheikhani

Business Development and Marketing
Borna is a UC Berkeley master's student studying renewable energy systems and clean technologies.

Anand Rajiv

Anand Rajiv is a Data Engineering and DevOps intern at WattTime.


Anna Schneider

Co-founder and Advisor
Dr. Anna Schneider is the co-founder and an advisor to WattTime. Anna is passionate about addressing climate change by using data, software, and computational research to promote the effective use of clean energy resources.

Ryan Mann

Advisor - Grid Data
Ryan assists WattTime with the cleaning and analysis of grid data. He's a recent graduate of UC Berkeley's new Energy Engineering program.

Eric Nguyen

Eric holds a Bachelor's degree in Computer Science from Harvard University and has over a decade of experience developing scalable software for enterprises and consumers. He is a former VP of Product Management at Samasource and has worked at Flux.io and Instructables.