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Combating Climate Change by Measuring Carbon Emissions Correctly

By Jamie Mandel and Gavin McCormick. Originally posted on RMI Outlet. Carbon emissions are arguably the most important thing for our society to learn how to manage in the coming years. The largest single source of U.S. carbon emissions is our electricity system. And yet, we do not measure emissions from our electricity use correctly, meaning we cannot manage our emissions effectively. But now, thanks to a new technology that accurately measures moment-to-moment carbon emissions on our electricity system, we can unlock a whole host of new opportunities to manage emissions creatively and with less effort. With new software that automatically ...

WattTime launches a pollution reduction collaboration in the Great Lakes

We are thrilled to announce that WattTime has received a substantial grant from the Great Lakes Protection Fund to lead a coalition of nonprofits and companies in reducing mercury pollution from coal plants. The project will be a collaboration between WattTime, Rocky Mountain Institute, National Wildlife Federation, Delta Institute, Energy Emissions Intelligence, and several corporate partners. In 2008, a Federal court struck down the national Clean Air Mercury Rule that required coal-fired power plants to limit dangerous mercury emissions. With repeated attempts to replace the rule continuing to face uncertain political futures, badly-needed ...

Want to be our first software engineer?

We're hiring! Tell your friends, or click here to apply yourself. Who we are: Where is your electricity coming from right now? Sometimes it’s fossil fuels, other times it’s renewables—and WattTime can tell you which. WattTime is a nonprofit startup that’s fighting climate change by making it easy to use energy when it’s cleanest. The first “WattTime-enabled” product, the JuiceBox Green, is the one and only clean electric vehicle charging station. What you’ll do: As WattTime’s first full-time software engineer, you’ll help us extend and scale our platform to support our next wave of partners: smart thermostats and smart ...

Did you know these 16 surprising facts about clean energy?

I'm a long-time Harper's Magazine reader. My two favorite features are the insanely hard cryptic crossword, and the Harper's Index. So for your data-digesting pleasure, check out this mini Harper's Index of some of WattTime's favorite facts about building a smart, clean grid! (more…)

WattTime’s endgame and exit strategy

WattTime's co-founder Anna Schneider describes what she has learned at Fast Forward's Summer Accelerator (on-going), and states WattTime's position as a non-profit organization going forward.

BSR Sustainability Hackathon

First Place Winner

Gavin and Anna receive Echoing Green Climate Fellowship

Gavin and Anna are honored to be named to the first class of Echoing Green Climate Fellows! The Echoing Green Fellowship is a two-year program of seed-stage funding and support for emerging leaders working to bring about positive social change. From thousands of applicants, only about 1 percent are ultimately awarded a Fellowship. The Climate Fellowship is specifically targeted for the best next-generation social entrepreneurs committed to working on innovations in mitigation and adaptation to climate change. Learn more about Echoing Green and the Climate Fellowship, or see Gavin and Anna's Fellow pages.

WattTime wins CITRIS Mobile App Challenge

After three months of hard work, and one rousing pitch by Gavin, the WattTime team is taking home the Judges' Overall Prize in the Mobile App Challenge. We'd like to thank Nick Firmani for developing a great Android app that showcases WattTime's real-time carbon footprint data, and the whole CITRIS team for their support.

WattTime wins Best Green Button App

Another weekend, another awesome hackathon! Gavin gathered a great time of developers and designers at the inaugural Berkeley Cleanweb Hackathon to build the first app that will text you when energy is particularly clean or dirty. Read more about the hackathon here. This was Anna's very first hackathon, and it will go down in history as the day Gavin and Anna met :)

WattTime in Top 3 Finalists at Cleantech Goes Social contest

WattTime is excited to join Yerdle and SunFunder in the top 3 finalists at the Cleantech Goes Social contest, sponsored by Facebook and the Cleantech Group. Learn more here.