Want to be our first software engineer?

We’re hiring! Tell your friends, or click here to apply yourself.

Who we are:
Where is your electricity coming from right now? Sometimes it’s fossil fuels, other times it’s renewables—and WattTime can tell you which. WattTime is a nonprofit startup that’s fighting climate change by making it easy to use energy when it’s cleanest. The first “WattTime-enabled” product, the JuiceBox Green, is the one and only clean electric vehicle charging station.

What you’ll do:
As WattTime’s first full-time software engineer, you’ll help us extend and scale our platform to support our next wave of partners: smart thermostats and smart buildings! You’ll start with our well-tested Python platform that connects real-time electricity grid data to IoT devices. You’ll get to work across the stack: from optimizing the backend with Postgres, Celery, and Pandas, to crafting customer-facing features with Django Rest Framework and your favorite front-end tools.

What you bring:
A few years of on-the-job experience with:

  • Rapid and robust software engineering, particularly Python/Django
  • Database design and management, particularly time-series data
  • Cloud hosting and devops, particularly Heroku or AWS
  • User-centered product development, particularly API/platform products

Bonus points if you also like:

  • Front-end design and development
  • Machine learning and optimization
  • Open source community building
  • Cleantech, renewable energy, building automation, IoT

What you believe:

  • I’m pragmatic: I like to focus on building the things that make this product unique, and I prefer to use existing high-quality tools/services/packages for the rest
  • I’m flexible: I enjoy pitching in, and I’m not fazed when the plan changes
  • I’m an engineer: Whether prototype or production, I feel good about my work when it’s reliable, transparent, repurposable, and able to withstand the pressures I’ve anticipated
  • I’m passionate: For my next position, I’ll choose a big impact over a big payout
  • I’m collaborative: I’m excited to join a team of nice folks and help our partners succeed

What you’ll get:

  • The chance to build software that can make a huge difference for climate change!
  • A valued role on our small distributed team of dedicated, energetic cleantechies
  • Close collaboration with the CTO and influence on technical direction
  • Fantastic brand-new office space near BART in downtown Oakland, or near the Red Line in downtown Boston
  • Competitive compensation, health insurance, and flexible hours

The logistics:
This is a full-time position, negotiable as a 6-month contract or regular hire. We prefer candidates based in the Bay Area, Boston, Seattle, or Chicago. People from underrepresented groups, including people of color, women, and/or LGBT, are strongly welcomed!

Apply here: https://watttime.recruiterbox.com/jobs/fk0hb2i/

And let Anna know if you have any questions!

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