Nick serves as a software engineer for Watt Time. He has worked in the aerospace, telecommunication, and consumer product industries and loves systems that impact the real world.

For the past four years, Nick has been developing custom telecommunications solutions for Qualcomm which range from cell phones that would make James Bond jealous to user interfaces and ultra-secure networks.

Outside of the corporate world, Nick’s specialty is designing and producing IoT solutions from the ground up, from circuit design and packaging to server implementation. In this vein, he is currently working on an in-home energy storage solution.

Nick lives on a sustainable farm in Southern Oregon and spends as much time as he can in the mountains, back-country skiing, mountain biking, flying a paramotor, backpacking, or sitting behind a spotting scope watching wildlife. His mild obsession with nature informs his passion for real, practical sustainability that goes beyond hype and marketing to effect meaningful impact.

Nick finished his graduate and undergraduate degrees at Stanford in the top 5% of his class while winning three All-American titles in wrestling and making it to the NCAA finals twice, where he also managed to become the first loser…twice. He promises he’s over it.