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We are a nonprofit just trying to figure out how to raise awareness about this breakthrough technology. What do you think? We encourage you to comment on the review page. Please include your name, title, and organization.

Slash your company’s carbon footprint… but for free

Automated emissions reduction from cleantech nonprofit WattTime can cut your company’s carbon footprint (GHG Protocol Scope 2 emissions) through intelligent pre-cooling and other small load shifting strategies. THG Energy Solutions offers a software and hardware suite to implement this emissions-reducing technology for your company, in many cases at zero upfront and zero ongoing cost.

This is possible due to THG’s innovative method of combining traditional automated demand response offerings with WattTime’s real-time emissions factor database.

Potential reductions are up to 40 MT CO2/MW today and will increase as the technology matures. Total costs are expected to remain $0, making automated emissions reduction with WattTime and THG the single most cost-effective sustainability strategy on the market.


Contact Chiel Borenstein at 602-317-9366 or demandresponse@watttime.org to get involved.


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