Sustainability as simple as updating your software

Make a real difference on climate change... with just the click of a button. Every few minutes, your local power grid has surplus clean power available from renewable or highly efficient power plants. If your appliances only used electricity at your local grid's clean moments, they would generate a lot less pollution. And now they can. WattTime's groundbreaking tools analyze the power grid to identify these moments in real time. Our software can also empower your intelligent devices to shift energy use to these moments, substantially reducing pollution without any change in equipment operations, user comfort, or energy costs.
Cloud-based environmental intelligence
Whenever one of your devices begins using electricity, the power grid automatically assigns a particular power plant to pick up the slack... the so-called "marginal" power plant. When you flip a switch, what happens depends on which power plant is marginal right now. In most modern power grids, this power plant changes every five minutes as weather, customer demand, and resource availability fluctuate.Our cloud-based software is the first-ever analysis tool that tracks the environmental implications of your marginal power plant in real time. Our technique is based on ground-breaking research at UC Berkeley, Yale, and Carnegie Mellon, plus a few advances of our own. WattTime’s analytics engine continuously identifies opportunities for devices to cut carbon pollution, use more renewable energy, or even conserve water by timing use to when the marginal plant is particularly clean.The WattTime API is an open data service that reports the carbon footprint of electricity, in real time and forecasted up to 24 hours in advance. It’s developer-friendly and ready to use in everything from building energy dashboards to mobile apps. Use our API to offer your customers the warm glow and concrete impacts of going green.Software Developers: Check out the API
Integrate your products
By analyzing a given area’s marginal power plant in real time, combined with a localized forecast, we can pinpoint opportunities for a smart device to save carbon simply by automatically performing the same task a few minutes or hours earlier or later.Our electric vehicle charging software integrates with multiple charging stations and verifies the carbon savings from smart timing. Make your EVs greener simply by enabling them to automatically charge at the cleanest moments available before your customers need them to be ready again.
Or, partner with us to develop a custom solution for your needs. From pumps to freezers, most devices have some flexibility in exactly when they consume electricity. Use our tools to let your customers choose how they want their products to be powered.
Something for nothing
Don’t skimp on control, comfort, or cost. WattTime is very different from traditional utility demand response programs that try—and often fail—to get customers to stop doing what they're doing for the utility's benefit.
  • As the world's first environmental demand response provider, our not-for-profit organization can guarantee users they are actually doing something good for the world...not just good for their power company's bottom line.
  • Because our approach leaves you in control of the settings, you're not giving anyone the authority to shut off your equipment whenever your utility likes.
  • Because our unique approach moves energy use just a few minutes, users never experience a change in temperature or face an uncharged car. You can't even tell the difference.
  • And because our intelligence is automated, WattTime users don't have to lift a finger or face constant distractions. Let your devices do all the work.