3 simple fixes could save 9+ gigatons of CO2 annually.

We're a nonprofit raising awareness about these solutions and providing data & technical assistance to anyone trying to implement them.

When we use electricity

3 Gt
A 3D scene shows an EV charging whenever, regardless of the grid's carbon intensity over time.
A 3D scene shows an EV charging at cleaner times for the power grid, wind renewable energy is generating, rather than fossil-fueled power plants.
Timing matters. Electric vehicles (EVs), thermostats, water heaters, batteries, and other technologies are flexible about when they use grid electricity. Even slight demand shifts, done right, can slash emissions greatly.

Where we site wind and solar

5 Gt
A 3D scene shows a new wind farm built in close proximity to pre-existing wind energy.
A 3D scene shows a new wind farm built closer to polluting fossil-fueled power plants, where the new renewable energy displaces the dirtier generation.
Location matters. Building new renewables in places with a relatively dirty electric grid displaces more emissions and generates more bang for the buck from clean energy investments.

Which suppliers we procure from

1 Gt
A 3D scene shows trucks blindly procuring from both cleaner and dirtier suppliers.
A 3D scene shows trucks preferentially procuring from a cleaner factory rather than a more-polluting supplier.
Choices matter. Emissions intelligence breakthroughs have pinpointed large amounts of surplus lower-emitting capacity, allowing companies to find lower-emissions, same-cost producers far more easily.

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