What we do

We are a non-profit subsidiary of the Rocky Mountain Institute catalyzing a movement to give anyone the freedom to choose cleaner energy easily and automatically. We build technologies that enable electronic devices to automatically sync the times they use power to moments of clean energy. How clean is your power grid? The answer changes every 5 minutes.

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How it works

WattTime’s technologies combine real-time data from power grid operators, the EPA, and more. We detect moments when using electricity will be cleaner and enable automatic adjustments to actually choose which types of power plants your devices rely on. With a simple software update, smart device owners can instantly and permanently reduce their carbon footprint  while helping clean and renewable power plants compete on the grid.

Case Studies

Who uses it

WattTime’s software is now in select smart thermostats, commercial building HVAC systems,battery chargers, and more. The “WattTime-enabled” logo means your device is automatically selecting the cleanest power available. Look for this logo and request our technology on commercial and consumer products that use energy.

What People Are Saying
“Microsoft has partnered with WattTime to give power users the freedom to choose when and potentially where they want their electricity to come from. For the first time, customers can know the carbon footprint of the power generator that will be tapped when they flip on a switch. This allows customers to optimize when and where they use power in order to reduce their emissions. Microsoft is working with WattTime to make this information easy to get and easier to act on, so everyone can choose the source of their power.”
Rob Bernard, Microsoft Chief Environmental Strategist

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