What we do

WattTime provides data, software, and expertise that enables your smart devices to prioritize energy from clean power sources. It’s a new way to save carbon—automatically.

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Why We Do It

  • Coal (average) - 2.1 lb/kWh
  • Natural gas (average) - 1.0 lb/kWh
  • Renewables - 0.0 lb/kWh
The carbon footprint of electricity depends on the power source that generates it. And that source is constantly changing. Just 5 minutes can mean the difference between clean and dirty fuels.


Set and forget. Users don't need to respond to changes in the grid.


Works across the US, without relying on the electric utility.


Environmental impacts certified by an independent not-for-profit.


Use behavioral science to show the carbon savings users want.


Mix and match cloud services to build your perfect platform.


Unique data stream developed by UC Berkeley researchers.

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