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Footsprint and WattTime partner on solution to decrease carbon impact of digital media campaigns

 December 15, 2022 

MONTREAL, CANADA AND OAKLAND, USA — 15 December 2022 —  Digital performance and sustainability firm Footsprint and environmental tech nonprofit WattTime today announced a partnership aimed at decreasing the carbon impact of digital media campaigns. Their recent integration incorporates historical and real-time marginal emissions data from WattTime into Footsprint reporting to pinpoint opportunities for efficiency and reduced energy usage.  

“Our mission is to equip businesses with the tools and expertise to steer their media investments towards sustainable performance,” said Elisa Boivin, founder and managing director of Footsprint. “In essence, this means eliminating waste from our media plans, which will mechanically improve carbon efficiency and media performance. To do this, we need sustainability sciences to work at the speed of digital, through new environmental KPIs that enable advertisers to take action in real-time.” 

Footsprint leverages data from WattTime in a variety of ways to assist clients in making digital media campaigns less carbon-intensive. For example, they may reduce the carbon footprint of digital initiatives by shifting the time and location of ad campaigns according to the carbon intensity of electricity, forecasted or in real-time. These strategic interventions are made possible through WattTime's marginal emissions data, which gives a more accurate measure of the emissions impact related to electricity consumption. 

“We continue to be thrilled to see the many innovative ways that our partners are leveraging our data to make a difference in reducing emissions on a global scale,” said Gavin McCormick, founder and executive director of WattTime. “Footsprint’s application is a great example of how ordinary business operations can be easily adjusted to slash carbon while often boosting the company’s bottom line.”

Footsprint is part of the Labelium group — a global digital performance agency that specializes in e-retail, media, and consumer performance. Footsprint empowers its clients to decarbonize their digital marketing efforts. From website foundations to multichannel digital advertising, footsprint provides a full stack of sustainable digital solutions, built with a methodology based on the latest industry research. Developed with a strong ecological and business performance mindset, these services help brands reconcile sustainability and digital performance. 

WattTime creates data-driven solutions that empower companies, governments, policymakers, and others to reduce emissions simply and easily. Their comprehensive marginal emissions data powers solutions like AER software, which allows internet-connected devices to shift energy usage away from times of dirty power on the local grid. Among their other efforts, WattTime also works with corporate clients on emissionality consulting to help select renewable energy investments that will result in the highest amount of avoided emissions from the grid.  

To learn more about Footsprint’s services in decarbonizing digital performance, visit And to learn more about WattTime’s emissions reduction products and services, visit


About Footsprint

Launched in 2022 by the Labelium Group, footsprint is the first global digital sustainability consultancy brand. From sustainable web design and media services to social impact advertising, footsprint aims to empower its clients in transitioning towards more responsible digital practices. The footsprint team is innovative, diverse and science-driven, composed of seasoned environmental and digital experts. For more information please visit us at

About WattTime

WattTime is an environmental tech nonprofit that empowers all people, companies, policymakers, and countries to slash emissions and choose cleaner energy. Founded by UC Berkeley researchers, we develop data-driven tools and policies that increase environmental and social good. During the energy transition from a fossil-fueled past to a zero-carbon future, WattTime ‘bends the curve’ of emissions reductions to realize deeper, faster benefits for people and the planet.

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Nikki Arnone, Inflection Point Agency for WattTime

Elisa Boivin, Managing Director for Footsprint

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