Person working on the HVAC for a building

Partnership with Building Clouds

 July 13, 2016 

Do you manage a large commercial or industrial facility? Perhaps a university, apartment complex, or hotel? Today we're pleased to share that, thanks to WattTime's newest partnership with Building Clouds, you can now cut your emissions through WattTime-enabled technology in nearly any equipment.

Facility managers everywhere have learned that not all equipment manufacturers play nice with each other and that interoperability is a major problem. What we love about Building Clouds Strati-Fi(TM) controllers is that they allow for remarkably quick and cost effective monitoring and control of most equipment types in commercial or industrial scale HVAC equipment. So whatever your building currently runs on, you can now WattTime-enable it by giving Building Clouds a call.

We've been working with Building Clouds for over a year to pilot this technology and work out all the kinks. Our first project began with Sutardja Hall, which became the first building in the world to optimize its HVAC package's energy loads in real time to cut carbon emissions. Building Clouds President Bob Wallace met with us on the rooftop of Sutardja Dai Hall and demonstrated the technology installation, which took place in under an hour. We were able to collect data almost immediately and automatically started cutting carbon less than a week later.

The implementation and results of this went over so well with UC Berkeley that we recently agreed upon a second project for the Residential and Student Services Building (RSSB). This deal included connecting the Strati-Fi(TM) controllers to WattTime-enable two sixty-ton air handlers. Both projects have successfully achieved absolutely zero increase in the building's energy bill or on occupant comfort. In fact, as a mischievous test, we did not announce the project until one month after installation, during which no building occupants were even aware of any change.

After over a year of successful pilots, we're delighted to share that WattTime and Building Clouds are scaling up our partnership to release our technology to the broader market. If you're looking for cost-effective building automation solutions that also cut emissions, please take a look at or WattTime's own Shop page.