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Sapient Industries and WattTime partner to add clean energy insight to commercial plug load management

 August 19, 2020 

Philadelphia, Pa. and Oakland, Calif.—19 August 2020—Today Sapient Industries, a Philadelphia-based plug load management software company, and WattTime, an environmental tech nonprofit that created automated emissions reduction (AER) software, jointly announced a partnership to help commercial enterprise electricity customers improve their energy efficiency and reduce their environmental impact by using more clean energy and less dirty, fossil-fueled energy.

Together, Sapient and WattTime provide powerful insight into the energy consumption of a commercial building—and the resulting carbon impact. Phase one of the partnership will focus on automated reporting that integrates their two technologies. The combined reports will show how much and when energy is being used, what sources the energy is coming from, and intelligent insights on how to consume less through behavioral shifting and automated controls.

“The Sapient and WattTime partnership demonstrates the impact that technology can have on sustainability efforts in commercial real estate,” said Sapient CEO Martin Koch. “Until now, there was no technology to address energy consumption from plug load at the commercial level. Through our new partnership with WattTime, not only can we reduce energy consumption, but also help shift to cleaner sources.”

Sapient Industries is a market leader in plug load management technology. Sapient’s SaaS enterprise web application accesses, monitors, and controls every single plugged-in device in a building. Using advanced machine learning algorithms, Sapient is able to deliver significant energy savings to clients while also aiding in asset management and enhancing maintenance strategies. 

WattTime invented AER technology, which allows smart devices to automatically opt for clean energy, thus reducing emissions resulting from use of the device. Their technology detects the resulting emissions impact of the power that's feeding into the grid at any given moment. WattTime is helping end users of all kinds easily and automatically adjust power use to times when energy is cleanest.

“At WattTime, we’ve consistently seen that achieving energy and emissions reductions are easier than most companies think, if they can just access good real-time data on when and where the biggest opportunities are. We're excited to be working with Sapient to implement AER in the commercial buildings space," added Gavin McCormick, founder and executive director of WattTime. “As more and more companies set renewable energy and emissions-reduction targets, we’re excited that Sapient’s plug-load intelligence can be a powerful tool to drive down emissions, automatically and effortlessly. ”

Sapient and WattTime have already begun to deploy their technologies together in large-scale infrastructure projects. 

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About Sapient Industries 
Sapient’s SaaS enterprise web application accesses, monitors, and controls every single plugged-in device in a building. With the largest repository of plug load data, Sapient’s machine learning algorithms and predictive analytics improve asset management, reduce energy consumption, and enhance sustainability initiatives.

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About WattTime
WattTime is a nonprofit with a software tech startup DNA, dedicated to giving everyone everywhere the power to choose clean energy. We invented Automated Emissions Reduction (AER), which allows utilities, IoT device and energy storage companies, and any end user to effortlessly reduce emissions from energy, when and where they happen. Our cutting-edge insights and algorithms, coupled with machine learning, can shift the timing of flexible electricity use to sync with times of cleaner energy and avoid times of dirtier energy. We sell solutions that make it easy for anyone to achieve emissions reductions without compromising cost and user experience. WattTime was founded by PhD researchers from the University of California, Berkeley, and in 2017 became a subsidiary of Rocky Mountain Institute. WattTime is a founding member of Climate TRACE, a global coalition working together to monitor nearly all human-caused GHG emissions worldwide independently and in real time.

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