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Support our work: WattTime can make global energy choice a reality with your help

 December 17, 2019 

As 2019 comes to a close, we want to take a minute to express gratitude for all the partners that supported WattTime in achieving more in one year than even we thought possible. This year we launched a project to monitor carbon emissions from every large power plant in the world. We helped the state of California arrive at new policy measures that will bring emissions from energy storage to zero in an instant—using our technology. We continued to show how marginal emissions data—made actionable through AER—can clean up everything from IoT device usage to EV charging and far beyond. We doubled the size of our team and grew our base of volunteers, bringing in new perspectives and talent to help us create a future where energy choice is simple.  WattTime knows firsthand the power of well-placed generosity and the will to make a difference. We’re an organization built by volunteers. From our modest beginnings at a U.C. Berkeley hackathon and all the way through our growth, our work has been driven forward by kindred spirits with a shared vision of what the world can be and the work ethic to move things forward. Every one of us is passionate about what we do and dedicated to scaling our solutions, and our work is infinitely stronger because it’s done in collaboration.  We thank you in advance for considering one of the many ways you can further our work. Whether it’s an individual donation, a recommendation for a grant that aligns with our mission, or a connection to an organization that can positively leverage AER, we appreciate your support of  WattTime as we work to bring AER to everyone, everywhere. Here’s to a great 2020!   Donate and learn more about how to support WattTime here.